Wedding Albums

Digital images are for you to show you friends, framed images are to proudly display in your home, but Wedding Albums are what you show to your grandchildren and generations to come.

The two different album options are Flush Mount Album or Layflat Photo Album.

Flush mount albums area a premium, professional grade album. These albums differ from regular albums by being hand mounted on thick inner substrate with real silver halide photo paper, thus giving the book many desirable characteristics. They have a stronger, tighter, finer, superior core. Unlike cheaper press printed books that are like magazines and can be ordered from anywhere but googling photobooks, Flush mount albums are built like a brick, they feel robust and their weight carries a crafted feel. Thick flush mount albums’ pages don’t bend so they always retain their shape as well as having coating that protects against spills and stains. Our thicker pages are 1.5mm and consists of a 0.5mmpaper and 1.0mm substrate core. Strong, rigid pages maintain a flat viewing surface and allow for cross-page, panoramic views. Unlike many other album designs, our albums have no centre gap to mar your viewing pleasure. All flush mount albums are created with leatherette cover with you choice of colour and are presented in a preservation box.


Flush Mount Album Options;

Option 1 – Size 11x 14 – 30 Rigid (extra thick) pages – professionally designed – $1100

Option 2 – Size 11x 14 – 50 extra thick pages – professionally designed – $1450

With an order of a Flush mount album, you have the added option of a parent book. A miniature version of your wedding album traditionally given to parents of the bride and groom. $440

Lay flat Books are very similar to our popular Flush Mount Albums, the only major difference being the pages are thinner and lighter in weight thus losing the robust feel of the album. They are a great way to design your wedding images and a more affordable option. All Lay flat Photo albums are created with leatherette cover with you choice of colour and are presented in a preservation box.

Lay flat Photo Album Options;

Option 1 – Size 6×8 – 30 pages thick pages – professional designed – $330 – $15 per extra page

Option 2 – Size 11×14 – 50 thick pages – professional designed – $660




Blue Grey



Dark Green

Dark Brown



Navy Blue


Sunny Yellow