I’m Jessica Edwards, but I only get called that when I’m in trouble, so please just call me Jess.  Here’s a bit of a run down of me! I love rural lifestyle.  I grew up on large cattle properties in the gulf of North Queensland, surrounded by hard working, good hearted people, and have been lucky to have had the best childhood anyone could ever ask for.

In my early twenties, I fell in love with a county boy and now am married with three beautiful babies and live on a property near Wowan, 80kms from Rockhampton, Central Queensland. I dramatically overuse smiley faces and exclamation marks whilst messaging and emailing.  I love the little things. I love listening to the kids laugh, I love enjoying a beautiful sunset or the beautiful afternoon light through a dusty cattle yards, I love the sound of rain on a tin roof, I love the smell of horses, I love meeting new people and hearing their stories but I think most of all, I love love.

I am a very big romantic..I love capturing love through my camera and getting caught up in the emotion of beautiful moments. Whether it be families, couples, newborns, maternity or a wedding, there are so many different types of love. If I am photographing your wedding, there is a very big chance that I will cry while snapping away at special moments. I am so very lucky to have a job that I not only love but is also my passion.

I hope the beautiful moments I do capture create amazing and cherished memories for the people in them.